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Reply Settings

In the previous section, we have discussed AI Settings, where you alter your AI Assistant's behavior and personality and as a result shape the style of your Assistant's responses.

Reply Settings shape the AI Assistant's responses on a more granular level. Here you can change response length, and adjust presence of URL links in the responses.

You can choose short, medium or long response length. As always it's best to showcase the difference on some examples, so let's revisit our superfoods e-commerce bot.


While we showcase all three response lengths on the same AI Assistant to show the difference clearly, different responses are appropriate for different use cases.

The short response is a 1-2 sentence response, meant for use cases requiring fast-paced exchanges and short to-the-point answers (e.g. handling straightforward customer support cases or reply to simple FAQ-style questions). It might not be the best fit for an e-commerce site, where we want to provide comprehensive information about products.

Short responses would look like this.


Medium response is a few sentences long. It's the default response length setting and it's appropriate for most use-cases. Compared to the short response, it is more informative and addresses the user's question more thoroughly.
Medium-length responses would look like this.


Long response go even more in depth than medium-length responses. This type of response is most suitable for more creative and discussion-based use cases (e.g. providing open-ended recommendations, brainstorming, step-by-step walkthroughs).
Long responses would look like this.