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AI Settings

AI Settings is where you can alter the AI Assistant's behavior, personality and approach to users to match your desired target audience.

AI Personalities let you match the specific tone and interaction style desired for your audience by choosing the personality traits of the AI Assistant. We provide multiple distinct AI Personalities. Let's go through them one-by-one, showcasing each on the use-case of a front-desk bot.


For most conversations, providing a balance between professionalism and approachability. Perfect for most use cases.
A classic personality front desk bot.


For a witty and humorous tone, using puns and jokes to make interactions more entertaining. Great for providing fun and engaging experiences.
A humorous front desk bot.


For a formal and serious tone, providing concise and factual information. Ideal for business and corporate settings.
A formal front desk bot.


Casual conversations with a personal touch. Tailored to users seeking an amiable and approachable interaction experience.
A friendly front desk bot.


AI Assistant delivering detailed and accurate information on various topics. Ideal for users seeking a comprehensive understanding of subject matters.
An intelligent front desk bot.


Offering caring, compassionate interactions that show concern for users' feelings. Suitable for users seeking emotional support and understanding.
An empathetic front desk bot.


Promote positive thinking and aspiring to reach your goals in a coach-like fashion.
An inspiring front desk bot.


Get the user excited about leaving their comfort zone and exploring new opportunities and destinations.
An adventurous front desk bot.


Sophisticated conversational experience for unique and exquisite brands or products.
An elegant front desk bot.


Provide a fun and engaging experience of chatting with a lively and energetic AI Assistant.
An excited front desk bot.


The Bold AI personality delivers strong opinions and recommendations with confidence.
A bold front desk bot.


Cryptic AI responses are perfect for users seeking a unique and captivating conversation experience.
A mysterious front desk bot.


Engaging and humorous interactions with a confident and playful AI.
A sassy front desk bot.

If you are interested in a Custom Personality specially tailored to your use case and branding, please get in touch to discuss our Custom Plan.