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Diving Deeper

In this section, we are going to take a closer look at all of Quickchat AI Apps features, and guide you through how to leverage them for optimal performance of your AI Assistant.

We have previously defined the features conceptually, in the Before we Begin section. Let's quickly recap.

Knowledge Base

Within the Knowledge Base, we find two components: AI Setup and the Knowledge Base.

Here, is where you name and give your AI Assistant a short description. Here, you can also add AI Guidelines to refine your AI Assistant's responses.

The Knowledge Base tab is the most important part of setting up your AI Assistant, as it's where you add your domain knowledge. The quality of your user interactions with the AI Assistant largely depend on the quality of your Knowledge Base. More on this in the next section.


Your Knowledge Base is the information you teach your AI Assistant, AI Settings is how the knowledge should be presented to the users. In other words, AI Settings complement your Knowledge Base and let you match the specific interaction style of the AI Assistant tailored to your audience.

Personality settings

Here, you can adjust personality, profession, and creativity levels of your AI Assistant to create a personality which fits perfectly with your brand image. Sounds relevant? Dive right in here.

Reply Settings

Within the Reply Settings, you can adjust the length of the reply as well as control presence of URL links in responses. You can read more on it in the dedicated section.


Within the AI Settings, you can specify which languages you want the AI Assistant to support, set custom translations, and voice support.

Human Handoff

Also within the AI Settings, you find Human Handoff. Within this feature, you can configure handoff to a human agent, when user has requested to speak to a human, or the request itself is beyond AI Assistant's capability.

Widget Settings

Here, you can edit the welcome messages, headers of the widget, and more.

User settings

Here, you can add, remove and edit access to your AI Assistant on the platform as well as delete your AI Assistant.


You can easily append your bot to your website, or integrate it into various external platforms. It's a crucial part of the Quickchat AI app, and we have decidicated an entire section to it. Read more here.


In the subscriptions tab, you can browse, compare, purchase and change your plan. You can also browse plans here.