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Quickchat AI is a no-code platform which allows you to create customisable conversational AI Assistants tailored to your business' needs.


Key concepts

How does it work?

The Quickchat AI app acts as a Human-AI Interface between the large language model and the end user, allowing customers to create, customise and control advanced AI Assistants in a human-like manner and integrate them into their existing ecosystems.

AI Assistant

AI Assistants refer to entities powered by large language models (think e.g. OpenAI's GPT-family, Anthropic's Claude, Meta's LLaMA), that are capable of holding human-level conversations and performing tasks for users.

Out-of-the-box, these AI systems have a general understanding of the world, and can talk on a variety of topics. To align the AI Assistant with your individual needs and ultimately get better results, supply it with specific knowledge that it can leverage when providing answers. Further control the behavior through specifying what conversation style or guidelines you want the AI Assistant to follow.

Think of the AI Assistant as a new employee for your company, and the process of customising the Assistant as onboarding. The employee comes with the right skillset for the job, and needs to be introduced to the company, the mission, the products, etc. and provided with guidelines as to how to do their job correctly. Similarly, as onboarding is an iterative process, so is creating the perfect AI Assistant.


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